Invitation for Pre-qualification of Suppliers for Goods/Services 2017-2019

Why Population Services International (PSI)? We’re Population Services International (better known as “PSI”), a global health non-profit. We aim to make it easier for people in the developing world to be healthy by marketing affordable health products and services (think mosquito nets, HIV testing and more) through private sector strategies. We are a $560m enterprise based in Washington, DC, operating in the private and public sectors in more than 65 countries. Most of our brands have dominant market shares that are the backbone for their health category. Check out for more information on our programs.

PSI Somaliland is one of our innovative network members working with the commercial sector in reproductive health, diarrhea prevention & treatment, fever case management, and childhood nutrition. The team focuses on the estimated 60% of women who use the private sector for their first line of health solutions. Using market and behavioral data PSI Somaliland develops marketing plans to increase demand for and access to quality health products and services in the private sector.

Want to create change in the lives of the poor and underserved with best in class marketing? Join PSI!

What are we looking for? PSI-Somaliland is inviting all pre-qualified suppliers to compete for the provision of various goods and services, including:

Item # No Reference Number Category Description
01 PSI/2017-2019/01 Printing and publications (Digital and offset printing, Posters, stickers, and billboards, Promotional branding- T-shirts, hats, pens and etc
02 PSI/2017-2019/02 Office Supplies, Cleaning materials, Toiletries, Food stuffs, and beverages
03 PSI/2017-2019/03 Office consumables and Stationeries
04 PSI/2017-2019/04 Hotel services and catering for meeting, workshop and accommodation
05 PSI/2017-2019/05 Supply of ICT Office equipment (Computer laptops, Desktops, printers, cartridges
06 PSI/2017-2019/06 Supply of Office Furniture (Desks, Chairs, office cabinet, shelves, drawers and etc)
07 PSI/2017-2019/07 Media Production Agencies (TV and Radio advertising productions)
08 PSI/2017-2019/08 Media Airing Agencies (TVs Channels/ Cables placement advertisement adds)
09 PSI/2017-2019/09 Medical equipment Supplies (Blood Pressure Machines, Needle Incinerators & etc )
10 PSI/2017-2019/10 Auto Spare Part Dealers (Only Genuine parts)
11 PSI/2017-2019/11 Logistics Services (Vehicle rent services, distribution of products, tax exemption

processing, custom clearance and forwarding)

12 PS/2017-2019/12


Drama Groups (Actors for awareness campaigns, Singers)
13 PSI/2018-2019/13 Provision of Legal Consultancy Firms
14 PSI/2017-2019/14 Provision of Professional Consultancy and Trainings on: Birth Spacing, Integrated Management of Child Illnesses, Maternal Health (ANC, AMSTL, PNC, BEmONC, EmONC), Sexual & reproductive health.)
15 PSI/2017-2019/15 Supply of Electronics, and Electric Materials
16 PSI/2017-2019/16 Vehicle Maintenance and Repairs- Mechanical service
17 PSI/2017-2019/17 Fuel Stations (supply Fuel, oil, filters and carwash)
18 PSI/2017-2019/18 Purchase of local media groups for vacancy & RFI announcement Services
19 PSI/2017-2019/19 Provision of Office Cleaning Service
20 PSI/2017-2019/20 Electricity Service Providers


Suppliers will be selected based on

(a) Company profile indicating year of establishment

(b) Company Capacity

(c) Valid registration certificate with respective ministry, Local administration, commerce

(d) Financial stability.

(e) Experience in similar work. The process will involve the response to Supplier’s Questionnaire and submission of supporting documents.


Individual consultants’ minimum requirement

  • Submit an updated C.V
  • Provide professional Certificates, &Testimonies
  • Scope of work (SoW) for your expertise
  • Provide service rate estimate per day
  • Provide rate for two weeks (15) fifteen days of assignment.
  • Provide service rate estimate per (30) thirty days of assignment.


The interested suppliers / consultants are kindly requested to send an expression of interest to & no later than September 3rd, 2017 to receive the full documents and the questionnaire for the invitation to Bid. All interested suppliers should return the bid document sealed and signed by an authorized representative of the business to PSI office located behind Mansoor Hotel, opposite to Admas University Jig-jiga yar village, Hargeisa Somaliland,


Attn: Abdiwahab Jama, Procurement. Not later than September 28, 2017 Thursday on 2:30pm, and drop in a locked tender box at the reception upon registration supplier delivery form.

All responses should be included in the questionnaire form provided, together with supporting documents in numbered with reference number. Only completed questionnaires, submitted with all the necessary supporting documentations will be selected as qualified supplier. Procurement committee will not be except suppliers who apply more than three different category provisions.

For more information, please contact the Procurement Officer, Abdiwahab Jama 517382/0634234951/0654234951


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